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Hit and Match

Can you guess a four digit number? It may be a secret military code or a treasure box key. All the digits in this secret number are different. For each of your guesses computer will tell you how many digits are perfectly matching the code (Match) and how many are in the code but in a different place than you guessed (Hit). Can you do it in less than 6 guesses? Practice your logic skills with this Hit & Match game (also known as Bulls and Cows game.)

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Code Forces Blog!

Want to see my interpretations and thought process on various competitive programming problems? Check out my blog!

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MCAS Math Practice

This is a web application that provides practice tests for the math MCAS for grades 6th, 7th and 8th. It is a friendly and easy to use application that is very helpful and will improve your MCAS results. There are 10 tests for each grade with answers. Enjoy!

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My Home Projects

This is my blog for all the home robotics project I do. I've decided to explore the robotics world by buying an arduino board. This blog is for everybody interested in this too and looking for simple projects to do. This is meant to inspire others the way it inspired me when working on these projects and teach newcomers how to explore the capabilities of the arduino and robotics with a bit of creativity.

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Guess the US City

Tried of geography tests with maps and flat views. How about guessing where you are based on a 3D panorama provided by Google Street View. In this game you are thrown into a random US state capital city and have to guess where you are!



To take a look at my code and what projects I have worked on through my github account. Keep in mind that I have other projects that are on private repos :)

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